The Free Company: Dark Heresy

End of days

The Cathedral was a scene of utter carnage.

Mordeci slapped another magazine into his autogun and cautiously approached the altar scanning for movement. Not that much could have survived the explosion. The feedback caused by the death of the abbot had somehow overloaded the tarot cards orbiting Aristarchus and ended the twisted ritual. The seers’ blackened corpse was dark evidence of the heresy that would have been unleashed at Stern Hope.

Rourke started rounding up the townsfolk that stood about, their eyes wide and coming to terms with the horrors they had just witnessed. He would relish “interrogating” each and every one and extracting the truth behind the Abbots plans for his “flock”.

Regulator Van examined the remains of a tarot card that had landed near the altar. A strange circuit was secretly hidden inside the card, clearly this was technology of Xenos origin and a blasphemy in the eyes of the Mechanicus. Something Inquisitor Hassen would need to look at immediately.

Head still buzzing from the psychic feedback, Redpin rested on a pew and thanked the emperor for deliverance. Gazing up through the shattered cathedrals domed roof he could make out the first stars of Iocanthos’ evening. The sky seemed calm however he wondered to himself how many more zealots and heretics like the Abbot were out there plotting there next move against the Imperium.

Cast out the mutant, the traitor, the heretic. For every enemy without there are a hundred within..


razazulu razazulu

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