The Free Company: Dark Heresy


Mordeci threw his guns down in disgust. He had always been a good shot but at the moment he couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. He thought back to his time in prison when he had that fight with Kallis. Maybe the big lump had caused some permanent damage when he smashed Mordeci’s eye.

Then it dawned on him – who had given Mordeci the guns – it was Rourke, after he had been escorted out of prison. Mordeci picked up the guns and examined them. It quickly became obvious that they had been tampered with, the guns lacked power, the recoil was weak. Mordeci then looked over his autogun and again it had been tampered with. Maybe Rourke had done it because he didn’t trust Mordeci, or maybe the sanctimonious Arbitrator was just following orders. Or simply Rourke had been given the guns in this state and didn’t know…unlikely. All this just after Mordeci had developed a begrudging respect for the arbitrator.

Mordeci looked towards Van. The guns weren’t beyond repair and maybe Van could temporarily get them working just to get through the next fight. After that Mordeci was going to get himself armed – properly this time!


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