The Free Company: Dark Heresy

Port Suffering - Afternoon

Aristarchus The Seer

“Welcome! Welcome everyone to the refectories. Make yourself comfortable.”

Aristarchus smiles and claps his hands, a blank faced servitor appears with a serving tray of refreshments and food.

So this is your contact on Iocanthos. He wears charcoal grey robes and has a small smile on his lean handsome face. You suspect he is of noble blood. As you enter the large dining hall you notice he holds a set of large Ivory cards in his hands which he replaces in a silver case and returns to the pocket of his robes.

He stands, comes round the table and offers each of your in turn a hand in greeting before gesturing for you to sit. Close up you notice he has curious gold-grey eyes and the sanctioning eletoo of the Scholastica Psykana imprinted on one cheek. Redpin is the first to notice these marks being a psyker himself and is keen to discuss Aristarchus’ background in more depth.


Port Suffering – Evening

The area known as “The Pits” in Port Suffering is definitely living up to its name. It is a crowded area with tattered looking traders and junk peddlers at every corner. Mordeci moves quickly through the crowd being well used to herds of humanity from his hiver days. This settlement is nothing compared to the conditions back home, a holiday camp. Gathering information is his speciality and it is easy to come by in this place through numerous loud mouth vagabonds who have ended up here through misfortune or necessity.

“Stern Hope? I’ve heard of it. They say some priest is building a cathedral up there, attracted a couple of hundred lost souls to his flock too. I’m just surprised some clan hasn’t just ridden in and butchered them all by now…”


razazulu razazulu

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