The Free Company: Dark Heresy

Technographer Van

Passing the empty gurney as it is loaded back onto the ship the tech priest looks nervously up the corridor and begins to follow the others to the Inquisitors office. It has been a long journey from the LabComplex longer still since he found the technological construct. The founding showed that he was choosen by the Omnisiah and his calling now was to find more, this detachment could greatly assist his mission.

Slinging his Las Carbine and checking the Las pistol inside his flowing robes he cursed under his breath he was getting the itch again..

Half way up the corridor the he spots something move in the shadows by the wall. After a brief conversation in a strange language and the sound of whirring power tools he emerges from the shadows and walks back up the corridor leaving a slimey red trail behind him. He wipes him self down and pulls out a slim steel container from his robes. Surveying the scene he contacts the ships automated cleaning systems to hide all trace. Any evidence will be ejected into space within an hour.

Unscrewing the cap he drinks deeply, he feels smarter and more alert. Securing the flask about his person he strides up behind the arbitrator taps him on the shoulder and announces in a crackling electronic voice ‘Excuse me I believe you are my escort!’


razazulu razazulu

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