The Free Company: Dark Heresy

The Rourke has landed.

Freman Drellic paced the cargo bay impatiently. As one of Inquisitor Hassens senior acolytes he was well aware his master would not tolerate any delays in assembling the new team of investigators. At that moment a klaxon sounded and a black Arbites transport roared into the hangar, touching down roughly and powered down its engines. Seconds later the boarding ramp lowered and two figures emerged. Drellic scowled as he saw the shorter of the two men pushing what appeared to be a restraining trolley containing a chained prisoner.

Approaching the party Drellic raised his Inquisitorial rosette.

“Well met, I assume you are Arbitrator Silence”. The tall man dressed in standard Arbites uniform nodded, lowering his double barrel shotgun to his side casually.

“And you must be Mordeci”, Drellic addressed the second man, who was dressed in rough serf overalls and pushing the restraining bench.

The serf looked shocked. “No sir, you are mistaken, this wretch is Mordeci” he said kicking the trolley he had lowered and gesturing towards the bound and gagged prisoner contained within.

Drellic could not help but notice the wry grin on Arbitrator Silences’ face. “Release the prisoner immediately! My master has requested an audience with both you at once.”

The serf looked confused at this order, Arbitrator Silence did not look amused but gave the nod and the serf began tapping in commands into the restraining bench control panel. Locking mechanisms sounded and the prisoner was slowly unpacked, restraining belts and chains slipping away. The serf raised the trolley up and allowed Mordeci to step out of his prison and dust himself down.

“This way” Drellic waved as he turned and marched out of the cargo bay.


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